Wedding photography
Casual moments and colourful photography
A wedding is all about the moment.
Connection with each other
Celebrating love with people close to you is a dream come true. The excitement about expressing the value of your partner and what they mean to you. The heartwarming speeches that are given. The party, organised to celebrate the commitment with each other, friends and family. That's all a wedding entails. And that's why I fell in love with working on weddings so much.
During a wedding I want to contribute
The wedding day goes by fast and it is most important that you experience it to the fullest. Every moment is precious. As a "buddy" I will go through the day with you. Bridal couples I've photographed came my way because my images are colourful, real and casual. In between the planning of the script I always find the best moments that tell your story. Family and friends who experience the day with you. Looking for those real images always makes me very curious and that's why I like to focus on this. For me, the story is only really complete if the imperfections are also seen and that the photos radiate the colour of the day in every way.

For me, the story is only really complete if the imperfections are also seen
The photos radiate the color of the day in every way

Often, it's those unexpected, in-between moments that create the most meaningful memories. Hidden within the tight schedule of the itinerary lie these precious moments, moments when family and friends come together and share in your joy. It's my passion and curiosity that drives me to capture these moments, to tell the story of your day as it truly unfolded.
The essence of your love
For me, the story is only truly complete when the imperfections are also seen. I believe these imperfections capture the essence of your love and connection. That's why I think it's important to invest time in everyone in front of my camera, to portray the story as clearly and colourfully as possible. An introductory meeting is therefore important, so that I can get to know you as individuals (and as a bridal couple). What is your story and what are your wishes concerning a photographer?
During the pre-wedding shoot, we really get to know each other
After we have gotten to know each other a bit better and chose to collaborate, we plan a pre-wedding couple shoot. This photo shoot is meant to get to know each other well. It's always good for me to see how you move in front of my camera. Hopefully this will also put your mind at ease for the wedding itself. We have already had some moments together and it already feels much more familiar at your wedding. Because I like to put you at ease, this pre-wedding shoot creates wonderful photos that are also nice to use for a personal invitation card, for example! :)

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Climate conscious wedding at the Geofort

Warm-styled wedding at a historical fortress island in the New Dutch Waterline

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Details and investment
Are you looking for a photographer who...
  • Is curious about your story. What are your unique traits? What do you prefer to do together? The more I know about you, the more I can understand you and the better I can photograph you.
  • Focuses on everything. The moments that pass by during a wedding are all unique. Every moment makes the wedding a story . Not just the perfect pictures.
  • Follows no trends. The photos you receive are colourful and bright. Exactly as it was. I think it's important that you will always look at the photos the way you look at them now. Timeless memories.
Wedding photography starts from 2295 euros for 6 hours of photography. This includes a pre-wedding couple photo shoot, slide show with all your highlights of the day and a mini luxury wedding album with your most beautiful photos (expandable according to your own wishes).

If you want to know more about my availability and whether we are a perfect match, I would love to hear from you. I will happily send you my brochure and hopefully I will get to know you soon with all the ins and outs about your wedding. (:

Een mooie vrouw van kleur lacht in de camera, met haar tanden bloot en haar ogen gesloten. Ze draagt een zwarte hoed. Op de voorgrond zijn witte bloemen onscherp zichtbaar. In de achtergrond zijn roze bloemen zichtbaar.
Have you booked a musician yet?
This handsome man (if I do say so myself) is Sjoerd, my boyfriend. He is a musician and often plays at weddings, for example during the ceremony, drinks or dinner. Of course we can both be booked separately, but we also love practicing our passion together! Check out his website via the button below to learn more about him and his music. For us it is super special to work together on such a special day.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you make wedding albums too?
Yes, I love to make wedding albums! A wedding album is a lasting memory that you like to look back at. You can proudly show the photos to your family or friends and in this way the images are always close to you. The tangible of this also brings the wedding a little closer.

The wedding book can be made with leather or linen and you can determine the color yourself. By means of a matching storage box, the wedding book is always safe from all dirty fingers and dust and you can enjoy it for a long time.

Do you think your wedding photos are worthy of a place in a quality book? Contact me for more information about the method and rates and then we can get started together to capture your wonderful memories in this way :)
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