Looking for the unknown and photographing authenticity
I am Yara
As a child I developed a fascination for the people and the world around me. Why are people the way they are? How does the atmosphere feel in a group? What are traits of others that they may keep hidden but also make them unique? I never followed trends and as a kid I was already dancing and singing in front of the whole school. 
I always sought the unknown, even though I found it incredibly exciting or thrilling
This still is one of my prominent traits. Learning to understand that it can take a while for everything to come together came at the age of 18. My interest in other people still remained. I loved figuring out where someone's dreams and goals came from.

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Putting someone else in the spotlight
When I got to know photography, I found out that it is a way to connect with the people around me
My story in a video
I'd like to take you on a short journey through my career in the video to the right. In this I will tell you about my vision, my personal life and my passion for photography and you will get to know me well. Would you rather read on? Then scroll further down!

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bucket list
I prefer to photograph all over the world. Shooting in Marrakech or the Scandinavian countries is on my bucket list.
Personal life
Together with Sjoerd, I live in Utrecht. A cozy and warm spot with our own greenhouse in our little garden. Currently, we still live in the city, but our dream is to exchange our apartment for a self-made Tiny house in the middle of nature.

The city and nature are far apart, yet they perfectly describe my personality. Because while I enjoy hustle and impulsivity, I also like being alone and in peace at times. I cherish it when friends spontaneously call me for a walk, but at the same time, to-do lists are always on my mind. This does make entrepreneurship suit me perfectly. Every day is a question of how it will unfold, and that gives me a very open outlook on the future.

Having turned photography into my profession, I've learned that you can achieve all your dreams, as long as you stay true to your own feelings and manage to inspire yourself. I do this by traveling a lot. Several times a year, I go on vacation, for example, to one of the Scandinavian countries that I can't get enough of. This helps me reflect on my work, stimulate myself, and boost my creativity. It's precisely the everyday things that I enjoy so much.

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My view on photography
During my journey as a photographer I learned that every person deserves to show their own authentic self. Dare to be honest with others. Don't be afraid to discuss emotions or feelings. Showing those feelings deepens the connection. For me as a photographer, it is a goal to inspire others to also chase their dreams and live their most beautiful life.

It is my goal to portray the story and atmosphere as pure and colorful as possible. By showing the authentic colors of the day itself, the photos remain timeless. When you look at the photos years later you will always be able to look at the photos as it really was.  We create those real images by having a nice open communication and a genuine connection.

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Personal approach
For me, the story is only really complete if the imperfections are also seen and that the photos radiate the color of the moment in every way.

Personal contact is therefore very important for a powerful series. I think it's important to invest time in everyone who is in front of my camera. The more you can be as you always are, the more real the pictures become.

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Outdoor living
Family & friends
My love story with Sjoerd began at a wedding. I was there as a photographer, Sjoerd as a musician. After a few months of friendship, we started a relationship. Sjoerd and I can talk for hours about travel, and we enjoy philosophizing about life. We also discuss our future dreams a lot, where traveling, having a dog, and owning a self-made tiny house in nature are at the top of the list.
Having fun and enjoying life are very important to me. I love making jokes with people around me and approaching life in a positive way.
This little creature is my best friend! They say a dog resembles its owner, and in this case, that's certainly true. Both loyal, loving, patient, and a head full of curls. ;)
Outdoor living
Because I grew up in the polder of Wilnis, I am used to living among nature. That's why I enjoy a walk outside the most. Preferably in a beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands or through the fjords of Norway.
Family & friends
How important they are to me. Maintaining relationships with people so close to me is my number one priority in life. Making new memories together every day, doing things and celebrating life. There's nothing more beautiful than that.
I love Spanish music and dance. A few years ago, I finally dared to fulfill my long-held wish to take salsa lessons. I still enjoy all the fun parties and find myself beaming with happiness every time I'm on the dance floor.
Personal contact
Personal contact is the most important thing for the photographs I deliver. That produces the most beautiful and the most idiosyncratic photos.Contact
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